Mobile App Development in Uganda

Do you want to develop a mobile app for your business? We do not only offer mobile development services in Uganda but to other countries as well. We develop user-friendly Android, Windows and IOS Apps using the latest technologies on the market whilst following industry standards.

Going mobile is very essential and will give your business a huge boost. There are over 3 billion smart phone users in the world apparently. Each of these have mobile applications installed in their phones. By having a mobile application, you stand a chance of reaching a portion of these users and bring your business much closer to them.

Affordable IOS & Android App Development in Uganda

These three mobile OS platforms are apparently the most common and most used. We have worked with each platform before. Despite changes, we always compile our applications to operate in the latest version of each of the mobile operating systems mentioned above.

Our Mobile App Development Stages

When you hire us to develop for you an IOS, Windows Mobile or Android APP here in Uganda, we follow the steps below to deliver your project.

Step 1 (Definition): You define to us the kind of mobile application that you want, explain its functionalities and provide us with a few more information regarding the application you want to have. This will help us in the planning process.

Step 2 (Planning): After providing us with such information, we can now begin planning for your application. In this step we come up with the app architecture, list down its functionalities and choose a language we are going to use to develop it.

Step 3 (Designing): We then design PSDs with the layouts of the application we expect to develop. This will help us in developing the user interface of the mobile application.

Step 4 (Development): After coming up with various designs, we get down to the actual coding process. We then develop the application and make it functional on mobile.

Step 5 (Testing): After deleting your mobile application, we have to test it in various versions of the Mobile OS you requested for to ensure the App functions well and doesn’t crash whilst being used. We also test its resource usability to ensure the mobile app doesn’t use a lot of resources.

Step 6 (Deployment): We then deploy the application to various App stores. These include Google Playstore, SlideME, Amazon Appstore, 1Mobile Market, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Mobile9, Opera Mobile Store, Mobango, F-droid and IOS App stores. After deployment, users will be able to download your application on their phone and use it.

Step 7 (Management): After deploying the mobile app, we manage it and keep updating it to match the latest updates and standards.